Water Damage Cleanup in San Juan County New Mexico



Floods soak the fabric of carpets, even though they tend to absorb the worst of any disaster. Floods can also leak down to ruin the flooring underneath. Lujan’s Carpet Cleaners will remove the water and fix up the damage to make the disastrous situation seem like it never existed. Whether from a plumbing malfunction, a severe rain storm, or worse case scenarios, Lujan’s Carpet Cleaners can handle, clean, and repair it in due time. Water damage can happen in the least expected moments. Once it occurs, you need to minimize the extent of it with a fast response. As professional restoration specialists, we have the right equipment and experience needed to efficiently deal with the dire situation you have on hand. Contact our IICRC specialists and we shall hand this predicament within minutes of the incident.

Damage can occur in one of two most important ways. One way is very slowly by water spots. Another way is instantaneously at catastrophic proportions by flooding. No matter the speed of the damage, both are hazardous, dangerous and will cause immense destruction. Lujan’s Carpet Cleaning will make sure the situation is dealt with immediately, no matter how fast the incident may occur. When property becomes damaged by water, our Lujan’s Carpet Cleaning Experts will give you our top-notch water damage repair service that’s safe and effective. We will help you restore your property back to its pre-loss condition, making it look good as new. Keep in mind that all situations and incidents are different from one another. Depending on the nature and the extent of the damage, our IICRC Lujan’s Carpet Cleaning specialists may have to slightly deviate from the recommended procedures.

Once you realize that damage has occurred or is occurring, you need to make sure to contact Bloomfield’s professional cleanup and restoration services. Immediate action is extremely crucial when it comes to effective repairs, as even a few hours delay can greatly increase the severity of the incident. When you contact us, one of our expert representatives will help guide you through the process. You may have to answer a few questions beforehand, so that our professionals can understand how to best deal with the dire situation. You may have to provide your name and address, contact and insurance information, time and source of the incident, and whether or not there’s electricity on-site. Once our professional team arrives on-site, we will start to evaluate the situation in order to determine the best course of action.

  • Finding The Source -If the source of the damage is obvious, then the first course of action is to stop the source. If the source of damage isn’t easily found, we will further investigate by using our water sensing equipment such as probes and infrared tools. Once we stop the source, we can proceed with our next step.
  • Identifying The Water Type - There are three categories of water dependent upon the level of contamination within the water itself depending on industry specifications. Without safe procedures, contaminated and unsanitary water can cause severe sickness and even be life-threatening. Our professionals will work hard to see what they can do to minimize the threats in the area. Depending on the type of water contamination, it may affect the next few steps that our professionals may have to take.
  • Surveying The Damage - After stopping the source of the damage and identifying the contamination, we will move to survey the damage. We will do a full and complete safety inspection as well as damage survey. We will be documenting everything that has been affected by the water carefully, including the proper value of all the damaged materials and service. Our professionals will search for possible safety concerns and carefully explain them to you. If you are already aware of safety issues, like the presence of asbestos or lead, do share your information as soon as possible.
  • Moving Furniture - If possible, we will help to move your furniture and materials. To prevent rust and stains, all the items will be blocked.
  • Water Removal & Extraction - With a thorough water extraction, drying time can be greatly reduced. Your property will also be saved from future mold issues as well as possible secondary issues. Powerful pumps and vacuum units on trucks are typically used to remove the hundreds to thousands of gallons of water within your property. Depending on how much water there is, stronger equipment may need to be used, but water removal will start almost immediately.
  • Moving & Packing - If the damage occurred within your home, our professionals can help by helping you move out your items until restoration services are complete. They will help you gather the belongings you need as well as help you by preventing further damage.
  • Carpet & Pad Inspection - After water has been removed, any carpet and pad will be examined and inspected. Our professionals will be able to tell you if the carpet or pad needs to be removed to protect the floor beneath. No one likes a cracked foundation, due to water damage.
  • Drying & Humidification - Lujan’s Carpet Cleaning professionals will help the drying process by manipulating the temperature as well as humidity in order to remove the rest of the moisture that’s present. Building materials are able to hold significant amounts of water for a long time. Even if water removal and extraction takes care of most of the water present, your property will still remain very wet. If not treated quickly, this water will cause the materials to change shape and break apart easily, not to mention the mold quickly beginning to form. Our professionals will continue to monitor the situation with moisture meters and inform you when everything is dry enough. If there’s inaccessible moisture, we have other specialized equipment such as air movers and dehumidifiers that will be used.
  • Cleaning & Sanitizing - After everything is finally dry, the next thing is to have your property cleaned. Our professionals will have the equipment for dry cleaning, wet cleaning, spray and wipe, foam cleaning, abrasive cleaning, and immersion cleaning. This also includes odor removal and deodorizing services for your material items, seeing how soaked materials often have a terrible odor afterwards. We will be able to remove the odors better than any standard air freshener and other similar treatments. If there was any contaminated water involved, sanitizing treatments will be done to prevent hazardous dangers.
  • Restoration - Our professionals will help you restoring your home back to how it was before the disaster hit. While we help you restore your home, we will inspect the home with you to look for any additional minor repairs, replacements, new installations, or even reconstruction that may need to be taken care of.

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